UK Woman Up is a charity working with and for all women, girls and non-binary people. We are based in Carlisle.

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UK Woman Up began as a grassroots one-off event in Carlisle in 2014. A group of women’s rights campaigners came together to celebrate the work of female activists.

Our first event in Carlisle was a huge success and lead to more in Stockton, Brighton, York and a two-day event in London in collaboration with several wonderful organisations.

We did two more events in Carlisle 2015 & 2018 before a hiatus due to work, kids, life, pandemics etc.

In 2022 a new team formed to create a vibrant event in Carlisle. The energy was phenomenal and it became clear that UK Woman Up should be more than just a one off event.

In 2023 we ran Woman Up Justice at the University of Cumbria. Shortly after we were granted charitable status. Charity No 1203943

Since then we have been working hard on building the foundations of the charity and we are bursting with amazing ideas.

Our next event, Woman Up Health will be in 2024. You can book via the Events tab









There is no single definition of woman and Woman Up considers this to be a very wide term encompassing many different experiences and identities.

Our position is clear, trans women are women. We welcome all women to be speakers, to be involved in events and as audiences.

We offer platforms for discussion on women’s rights and issues affecting women in the modern day. We welcome non-binary people to contribute providing the focus is on women.

Men are welcome at our public events. We may create women only events from time to time where there is a legitimate aim and where excluding men is a proportionate means of achieving such aim.

Woman Up provides a platform for women to share their lived experience with other women and so it is unlikely, although not impossible, that we would invite men to speak at events. This depends upon the content or theme of the event.