Woman Up! is a voluntary events organisation celebrating women’s rights by and for all women

Woman Up began in 2014 after a group of campaigners teamed up to create a positive, fun event raising awareness of and celebrating the hard work and commitment of the women they had encountered during campaigning. To showcase the tireless women who day after day have fought patriarchy in its many forms.

Kirsty, Angela & Jenni had been tirelessly campaigning against objectification of women in the media for several years and had decided that, although 100% worthwhile, campaigning is also exhausting. A male journalist in a high profile tabloid had said that women should ‘man up’ when it comes to accepting objectification and there the idea was born that actually we would ‘Woman Up’ thank you very much!

Our first event was in Carlisle and was a huge success. We enjoyed it so much that we did one in Stockton, Brighton, York and a two-day event in London in collaboration with several wonderful organisations. We did two more events in Carlisle 2015 & 2018 before a hiatus due to work, kids, life, pandemics etc.

In 2022 Sam and Mina became part of the team and created a vibrant new event in Carlisle. This fresh energy prompted us to decide that Woman Up should pursue a legal status and realise all its amazing plans. We will be looking for trustees shortly!

We hope that you will join us on this journey.

There is no single definition of woman and Woman Up considers this to be a very wide term encompassing many different experiences and identities.

Our position is clear, trans women are women. We welcome all women to be speakers, to be involved in events and as audiences.

We offer platforms for discussion on women’s rights and issues affecting women in the modern day. We welcome non-binary people to contribute providing the focus is on women.

Men are welcome at our public events. We may create women only events from time to time where there is a legitimate aim and where excluding men is a proportionate means of achieving such aim.

Woman Up provides a platform for women to share their lived experience with other women and so it is unlikely, although not impossible, that we would invite men to speak at events. This depends upon the content or theme of the event.